Ms. Holly Moore is the Chief Operating Officer of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization that has worked with more than 8,000 schools, universities and businesses in 68 countries to help them better connect with and train the emerging generation. Since its inception, Growing Leaders has impacted more than 500,000 young leaders. Ms. Moore serves on the Speaking Team for Growing Leaders and her primary topics include leading millennials in the workplace, attracting and retaining emerging generation talent in an organization, and generational diversity. She is a Myers Briggs Certified Practitioner, and leads workshops on understanding personality types in order to create strong organizational and team culture. Ms. Moore has more than 12 years of executive leadership experience in non-profit organizations. Prior to Growing Leaders, she served as the Senior Vice President of Advancement for Mercy Ships where her team helped to raise funds to launch the Africa Mercy, the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship. Previously, she worked in the corporate health care industry sector for almost a decade in senior leadership roles. Her most recent corporate position was Vice President of Healthcare Products and Infusion Therapy for PharMerica, a subsidiary of AmeriSource Bergen.

Growing Leaders is focused on the leadership development of students, young athletes and new professionals. Through relevant and innovative events and resources, Growing Leaders equips the next generation and the employers, parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors who shape their lives.

At the conference, Holly Moore will carry out a workshop on The Impact of Technology on Workplace Dynamics and Generational Diversity.

The impact of technology on the workplace cannot be underestimated. When multiple generations are working together in an organization, the issue becomes even more complex. The most successful companies embrace the changes technology brings and find ways to build strong teams and collaborative work environments within this new reality.

In the morning session of this workshop entitled “Generation Diversity in the Workplace”, attendees will identify the key characteristics of each generation in the workplace and identify strategies to help each team member function at their highest level. Time is allotted for Q&A and group discussion.

In the afternoon session entitled ” Generation iY in the Workplace: Turning Performance into Potential”, attendees will focus on learning strategies to:
• Recruit young talent
• Create engaging environments that allow the emerging generation to flourish
• Establish mentoring programs that involved the younger and older generations learning together
• Develop ongoing professional development programs to retain millennial talent for the long term

The workshop will close with attendees working in groups on a Case Study exercise designed to help them create action steps to incorporate immediately in their work situation.